Welcome Traders

Force bot is a bot designed to help you chart historic option prices. I'll add other stuff, but for now - enjoy what it can do.

It will only returns charts for contracts that had trades occur. For example, if you choose a contract super far Out the money and try to chart it for a day there is no volume, an error will be generated and no chart will return.

Getting Started

Force Bot has a few different commands all designed to help you end up with a chart.

/spx (strike) (type)

this command is shorthand for charting 0 DTE SPX options and will only chart options for the current day. If you see it return a date for tomorrow, use the /chart command

  • Example /spx 5800 P

/chart (ticker) (date)

you ultimately want to use this command but it requires a ticker in Polygon.io format. To get that ticker you use and the /tickers command

  • ticker - you HAVE to use the /tickers command to get the correct ticker format. These tickers are Polygon.io tickers
  • date - this is the date to chart data for, not the contract expiry. Those are 2 different things. Read that again.
  • Example /chart SPXW240215C05000000 2024-02-15

/tickers (ticker) (expiration) (strike)

use this to get the properly formatted Polygon.io Ticker. It will return both the Call and Put ticker so choose the correct result. YOU NEED THIS FOR THE /chart command

  • Example /tickers SPX 2024-02-17 5000
  • Example /tickers NVDA 2024-02-17 700


This shit is currently broken. Im working on fixing it. And by working on fixing it I mean identifying a source for it.


Eventually you can just ask an ai to chart for you, this is WIP and actually works kind of but I need to iron out a bunch of stuff before I make it readily available for yall


You figured that one out, good job


Checks if the bot is alive

Indicators We use

  • Session Volume Profile HD - modify as you see fit.
  • VWAP - I use the 2nd and 3rd standard deviation bands
  • Opening Range - Some people use this, I personally don't I just track it visually
  • Visible Range Volume Profile

Important stuff

This bot is currently free ( for you ) but I do plan to add premium use eventually. Ultimately the sky is the limit, but so is my time.